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Rôtisseries Au Coq Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Step into the world of Rotisseries Au Coq and prepare your taste buds for a delicious adventure. Rotisseries Au Coq Menu has yummy choices, from juicy rotisserie chicken to tasty sides and fresh salads. Every bite is made with love and care, just for you. Rôtisseries Au Coq Menu Canada has 11 menus with over 70 items, from Rôtisseries chicken to appetizers and desserts. On BitesCA, you will get the latest prices on the Rôtisseries Au Coq Menu in Canada.


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Soupe au poulet et riz / Chicken and Rice Soup4.29
Salade César / Caesar Salad5.99
Salade Jardinière / Garden Salad5.99
Frites / Fries2.99
Rondelles d’Oignon / Onion Rings3.99
Croquettes de Poulet / Chicken Nuggets7.29
Ailes de Poulet / Chicken Wings11.49
5 Bâtonnets de Fromage / 5 Cheese Sticks6.49
Poulet popcorn6.99
10 Bâtonnets de Fromage / 10 Cheese Sticks11.99


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Salade Jardinière avec Poulet / Garden Salad with Chicken15.99
Salade César avec Poulet / Caesar Salad with Chicken15.99
Salade Jardinière / Garden Salad12.99
Salade César / Caesar Salad12.99

Chicken and Wings

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Cuisse de Poulet / Chicken Leg13.99
Poitrine de Poulet / Chicken Breast15.99
Demi (2 Cuisses) / Half (2 Legs)17.99
Demi-Poulet / Half Chicken19.99
Poulet Entier / Whole Chicken36.99
Repas deux Cuisses / Two Legs Meal17.99
Ailes de Poulet Régulières / Regular Chicken Wings17.49
Ailes de Poulet Piquantes / Spicy Chicken Wings17.49
Épicé / Spicy22.99
Duo au Coq39.99


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Demi-Portion de Côtes Levées / Half-Portion Ribs18.49
Portion Complète de Côtes Levées / Full-Portion Ribs27.49
Demi-Côtes Levées et Cuisse / Half Order of Ribs and Leg23.49
Demi-Côtes Levées et Poitrine / Half Order of Ribs and Breast23.99
Demi-Côtes Levées et 2 Filets / Half Order of Ribs and 2 Fillets23.49
Demi-Côtes Levées et 3 Filets / Half Order of Ribs and 3 Fillets25.59
Rôtisseries Au Coq Menu

Fillets and Nuggets

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
2 Filets de Poitrine / 2 Breast Fillets12.49
3 Filets de Poitrine / 3 Breast Fillets14.49
4 Filets de Poitrine / 4 Breast Fillets16.49
6 Filets de Poitrine / 6 Breast Fillets20.49
6 Croquettes de Poulet / 6 Chicken Nuggets10.59
8 Croquettes de Poulet / 8 Chicken Nuggets12.69
10 Croquettes de Poulet / 10 Chicken Nuggets14.49


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Poutine au Poulet (Viande Blanche) / Chicken Poutine (White Meat)16.24
Poutine aux Filets de Poitrine / Chicken Breast Fillets Poutine15.99
Poutine Poulet et Popcorn / Chicken and Popcorn Poutine14.99
Poutine au Poulet et Bacon (Viande Blanche) / Chicken Poutine (White Meat)18.24
Poutine au Poulet (Viande Brune) / Chicken Poutine (Brown Meat)14.49
Poutine au Poulet et Bacon (Viande Brune) / Chicken Poutine (Brown Meat)16.99


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Club Sandwich14.99
Sandwich au Poulet et Salade César / Chicken Sandwich and Caesar Salad13.74
SAndwich Assiette Wrap aux Filets de Poitrine / Chicken Breast Fillets Wrap Plate Sandwich14.29
Wrap au Poulet (Seul) / Chicken Wrap (Single)8.49
Wrap au Poulet (Repas) / Chicken Wrap (Plate)12.99
Sandwich Burger BLT Grillé (Repas) / Grilled BLT Burger (Plate) Sandwich13.79
Sandwich Burger BLT Frit (Seul) / Fried BLT Burger (Single) Sandwich10.49
Sandwich Assiette Burger BLT Frit / Fried BLT Burger Plate Sandwich13.79
Sandwich au Poulet Chaud / Hot Chicken Sandwich12.19
Sandwich au Poulet et Salade Jardinière / Chicken Sandwich and Garden Salad13.75

Kids Meals

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Saucisses Feuilletées / Sausage Rolls8.79
5 Croquettes / 5 Nuggets8.79
Demi-Cuisse / Half Leg8.79
Mini Poutine aux Croquettes / Mini Chicken Nugget Poutine8.79
Poulet Popcorn / Popcorn Chicken8.79

Complements and Other Products Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Frite / Fries2.99
Pain / Bread0.6
Salade de Chou / Coleslaw1.49
Sauce pour Ailes (Sauce Piquante) / Sauce for Wings (Spicy Sauce)0.75
Sauce pour Bâtonnets de Fromage (Sauce Marinara) / Sauce for Cheese Sticks (Marinara Sauce)0.75
Sauce pour Saucisses Feuilletées (Sauce Moutarde et Miel) / Sauce for Sausage Rolls (Honey and Mustard Sauce)0.75
Sauce pour Côtes Levées (Sauce Memphis) / Sauce for Ribs (Memphis Sauce)0.75
Sauce au Coq1.49
Sauces pour Filets et Croquettes / Sauces for Fillets and Nuggets0.75

Beverages Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Eau / Water1.99
Boisson Gazeuse / Soft Drink (500 ml)2.99

Desserts Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Gâteau au Chocolat / Chocolate Cake4.49
Tarte au Sucre / Sugar Pie4.49

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