Little Caesars Menu Canada

Little Caesars Menu And Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Little Caesars Menu has many delicious food options, like classic burgers and fries. You can find out what’s new and check the prices on the BitesCa for Little Caesars Menu Canada to ensure it fits your budget. Little Caesars Menu Canada has nine deals with more than 60 menu items.

Little Caesars Menu Canada – 2024

In Canada, Little Caesars Menu is divided into 9 Menu deals for you:

  • Limited Time Only
  • Create Your Own Pizza
  • Bundled Specials
  • Large Pizzas
  • Medium Pizzas
  • DEEP! Dish Pizzas
  • Thin Crust
  • Sides
  • Drinks

Limited Time Only

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Boneless Wings11.99
Boneless Bundle with Cheese Pizza24.99
Boneless Bundle with Pepperoni Pizza24.99
Chicago Bundle with Cheese Pizza24.99
Chicago Bundle with Pepperoni Pizza24.99
Chicago Style Pizza15.99

Create Your Own Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
14″ Create Your Own Pizza10.99
DEEP!DEEP! Dish Create Your Own Pizza12.99
12″ Create Your Own Pizza7.49

Little Caesars Menu – Bundled Specials

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
DEEP! Dish Pizza & Large Pizza27.99
Three Large 14″ Pizzas Bundled Special44.99
Two Large 14″ Pizzas and Crazy Bread Bundled Special33.99
Two Large 14″ Pizzas, Wings, and Crazy Bread Bundled Special41.99
Two Large 14″ Pizzas Bundled Special29.99
DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pepperoni Pizza & Wings20.99
DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza & Medium Pizza21.99
3 Medium Pizzas29.99
2 Medium Pizzas, Crazy Bread22.99
2 Medium Pizzas, Wings, and Crazy Bread31.99

Large Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
14″ Large Veggie Pizza16.99
14″ Large BBQ Chicken Pizza16.99
14″ Large Cheese Pizza11.99
14″ Large Pepperoni Pizza11.99
14″ Hula Hawaiian Pizza15.99
14″ Canadian Pizza15.99
14″ Ultimate Supreme Pizza16.99
14″ 3 Meat Treat Pizza15.99

Little Caesars Menu – Medium Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Classic 12” Pepperoni Pizza8.99
12″ Veggie Pizza12.99
12″ BBQ Chicken Pizza12.99
12” Quattro Pizza10.99
12″ Hula Hawaiian Pizza11.99
12″ Canadian Pizza11.99
12″ Ultimate Supreme Pizza12.99
12″ 3 Meat Treat Pizza11.99
12″ Chicago Style Pizza15.99

DEEP! Dish Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
DEEP! Dish 3 Meat Treat Pizza16.99
DEEP! Dish Hula Hawaiian Pizza16.99
DEEP! Dish Ultimate Supreme Pizza17.99
DEEP! Dish Canadian Pizza16.99
DEEP! Dish Pepperoni Pizza12.99

Thin Crust

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Thin Crust Vegetarian15.99
Thin Crust Ultimate Supreme15.99
Thin Crust Hawaiian14.99
Thin Crust 3 Meat Treat14.99
Thin Crust Canadian14.99
Thin Crust Cheese10.99
Thin Crust Pepperoni10.99

Little Caesars Menu – Sides

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Stuffed Crazy Bread (4 pieces)5.99
Creamy Garlic Caesar Dip0.99
Honey Garlic Caesar Wings8.99
Buffalo Caesar Wings8.99
BBQ Caesar Wings8.99
Oven Roasted Caesar Wings8.99
Crazy Sauce (4 oz. cup)0.99
Crazy Bread (8 pieces)4.39
Crazy Combo5.38
Boneless Wings11.99

Little Caesars Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Bottled Drink (2L)3.39
Bottled Drink (591 ml)2.59

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