The Keg Menu Canada

The Keg Menu With Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

The Keg Menu (Steakhouse + Bar) is a special place to eat in Canada. They have yummy food like steaks, seafood, and tasty snacks. It’s a great spot for celebrating or having a nice dinner, where you can enjoy the best flavors of Canada.

The Keg Menu with Price Canada has about 11 menu deals. You will get all the latest prices on BitesCA for the Keg Menu.

The Keg Menu Canada 2024

In Canada, The Keg restaurant offers 15 menu deals for you:

  • Mains Menu
  • Starter
  • Salads
  • Casual Plates
  • Steak & Prime Rib
  • Keg Classic
  • Steak + Seafood
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Red Vine
  • White Vine
  • Ribs Menu
  • Desserts
  • Sauces | Sides
  • Kids Meals

Mains Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Keg Burger19.00
Blackened Chicken30.00
BBQ Pork Ribs33.00
Chicken & BBQ Pork Ribs34.00
Vegetarian Meatloaf22.00

The Keg Menu – Starter

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Scallops & Bacon12.00
French Onion Soup10.00
Garlic Cheese Toast6.00
Baked Garlic Shrimp10.00
Shrimp Cocktail13.00
Baked Brie12.00
Mushrooms Neptune11.00
Tuna Tartare15.00

The Keg Salads Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Steakhouse Salad23.00
Iceberg Wedge9.00
Mixed Greens9.00
Keg Caesar9.00

Casual Plates Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Keg Burger18.00
Tuna Tacos14.00
Pr I M E R Ib S Li D E R S16.00
Portabella Mushroom Burger18.00

Steak and Prime Rib

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Peppercorn New York36.00
Bacon Wrapped40.00
Filet Mignon35.00
New York Striploin34.00
Baseball Top Sirloin31.00
Rib Steak Bone-In40.00
Bleu Cheese Filet37.00
Teriyaki Sirloin27.00
Top Sirloin23.00
Prime Rib30.00

Keg Classic Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Top Sirloin34.00
Prime Rib38.00
Filet mignon43.00
Baseball Top Sirloin39.00
Teriyaki Sirloin35.00
New York Striploin42.00

The Keg Menu – Steak + Seafood

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Sirloin Oscar36.00
Filet & Cajun Shrimp29.00
Steak & Crab45.00
Steak & Lobster42.00

The Keg Chicken Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Supreme Chicken Breast26.00
Bacon Wrapped Chicken27.00
Thai Chicken24.00

Fish Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Pistachio Crusted Salmon8.59
Honey Glazed Salmon9.79
Sesame Tuna8.09

Red Vine

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Bousquet “Los Cuatro” Cabernet & Malbec – Menclot – Argentina8.5
Strik. “Jet” Shiraz & Cabernet – South Australia9.00
J. Lob, Estates “Horn. Ra,Ch” Petit Verdot & Petite Sirab- Paso Robles, California10.00
Jackson-Triggs “Proprietors’ Selection” Merlot – International6.00
Concannon “Selected Vineyards” Pinot Noir California6.5
Jacob’s Creek Slurax – South Eastern Australia7.00
Santa Carolina Reserva Merlot – Colchagua Valley, Chile7.5
Bousguet Organic Maibec – Mendoza, Argentina8.00
Mas; Valpoliccila “Bonacosta” Corvina & Rondincila – Vencto, Italy8.00
Robert Mondavi “Woodbddge” Cabernet Sauvignon – California8.00
Painter Bridge Zinfandel – California8.00
Individual macaroni salad3.49
Blasted Church Syrak – Okanagan Valley, B.C.12.00
J. Lohr Estates “Seven Oaks” Cabernet Sauvignon – Paso Robles, California12.5
S.Bastiani Cabernet Sauvignon – Alexander Valley, California15.00

The Keg White Vine Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
J Lohr Estates Riverstone” Chardonnay – Monterey, California12.00
See Ya Later Ranch Gewiîrztraminer – Okanagan Valley, B.C.9.5
Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough, New Zealand8.5
Robert Mondavi “Woodbridge” Chardonnay – California7.5
Inniskillin “Niagara Estate” Riesling – Niagara Peninsula, Ontario7.5
Robert Mondavi ‘Woo.Clbri4ge” White Zinfandel – California7.00
Jackson Trggs “Proprietors’ Selection” Chardonnay – International6.00

Ribs Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Bbq Ribs Half rack22.00
Chicken & Ribs30.00
Bbq Ribs Fullrack30.00

Desserts Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Billy Miner Pie8.00
Mile High Chocolate Cake11.00
Creme Brulee8.00

Sauces | Sides Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Whiskey Peppercorn1.00
Baked Potato3.00
Garlic Mashed Potato3.00
Twice Baked Potato3.00
Fresh Vegetables5.00
Cauliflower Mash3.00
Sauteed Mushrooms6.00

Kids Meals Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Cheesy Noodles12.00
Chicken Strips12.00
Mini Keg Burger12.00
Grilled Chicken12.00

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