Baton Rouge Menu & Price Canada

Baton Rouge Menu Canada (Updated 2024)

Baton Rouge Menu has many different yummy foods. You’ll find something you want, whether you like unique dishes or simple comfort food. They have tasty starters like Chicken Tenders and Duck Confit Salad. Try their delicious ribs or seafood like Linguine aux Fruits de Mer for the main course.

With an extensive menu and great ingredients, Baton Rouge in Canada is a yummy place to eat for any occasion. BitesCA provides the latest information on the Baton Rouge Menu in Canada.


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Spinach Dip (Signature Br)16
Cheddar Dip15
Crispy Shrimp18
Creamy Potato Soup8
Caesar Salad Appetizer9
Mixed Salad Appetizer9
Lobster-Stuffed Mushrooms15

Bowls & Salads

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chicken Tenders Salad21
Louisiana Chicken Salad21
Customize Your Power Bowl25
Thai Steak Salad28
Chicken Caesar Salad20

Burgers & Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Bâton Rouge Burger20
Prime Rib Sandwich24
Club Sandwich20
The Hero Sandwich22

Comforting Classics

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Seafood Linguine35
Santa Fe Chicken28
Chicken Tenders Platter21
Halloumi Gnocchi24

Signature Ribs

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Bbq Pork Back Ribs Rack And A Half36
Bbq Pork Back Ribs29
Ribs & Chicken Tenders34
Ribs & Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp45
Ribs & Chicken36

Premium Steaks

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
New York Striploin 12 Oz.42
Filet Mignon 7 Oz.45
Rib Steak 16 Oz.49
Top Sirloin 8 Oz.33

Fish & Seafood

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Atlantic Salmon31
Salmon Tartare Half Portion22
Salmon Tartare Full Portion32
Tuna Tartare (Half Portion)24
Tuna Tartare Full Portion34

Family Meal

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Family Burger Bundle69
Family Chicken Tenders Bundle69
Family Ribs Fest89
Signature Combo: Ribs & Chicken Tenders135
Meat Lover135


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Rosée Pasta8
Kids Gnocchis Mac And Cheese10
Kids Bbq Pork Back Ribs Half Rack12
Chicken Tenders Platter (3)10
Mini Burgers10


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Sweet Potato Fries With Chipotle Mayonnaise5.25
Wild Rice Pilaf4.25
Fully Loaded Baked Potato5.25
Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes4.25
Signature French Fries4.25
Seasonal Vegetables5.25
Mac N Cheese Gnocchi10


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake11
Pecan Pie10
Chocolate Cake11
Carrot Cake9


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Bottled Diet Pepsi (591 Ml)3.5
Bottled 7up (591 Ml)3.5
Brisk Iced Tea (591ml)4
Water Voss (800 Ml)8
Bottled Pepsi (591 Ml)3.5
Sparkling Water Voss (800 Ml)8


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Budweiser Bottle (330 Ml)7
Budweiser Light Bottle (330 Ml)6

White And Sparkling Wine

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
La Marca 750 Ml ( Sparkling )12
Gallo Family Vineyards White Zinfandel 750 Ml ( Wine – Rosee)45
Kim Crawford 750 Ml ( Wine- White )129
Henry Of Pelham 750 Ml ( Wine – White)32

Red Wine

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Don David Reserva El Esteco 750 Ml ( Wine – Red )56
The Dreaming Tree Crush Red 750 Ml ( Wine – Red )44
Masi Valpolicella Bonacosta 750 Ml ( Wine – Red )37
Folonari 750 Ml ( Wine – Red )46

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