Moxies Menu Price Canada

Moxies Menu Price Canada (Update 2024)

Moxies Menu is a restaurant chain in Canada that offers a diverse menu with over 130 different food items and 18 special deals. Moxie Menu includes Tiny Tuna Tacos, Vegan Tacos, Dry Ribs, and Kids Pasta. 

BitesCA provides all the latest prices and pictures for the Moxie Menu in Canada. The restaurant opened in Calgary, Alberta, in 1986. Since then, it has become a popular spot for those looking for delicious food in a casual setting.

In Canada Moxie Menu is divided into 18 deals for you:

  • Summer Feature Menu
  • Meal Bundles
  • Vegetarian & Plant-Based
  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Steaks
  • Mains
  • Pastas & Bowls
  • Handhelds 
  • Kids Menu
  • Dessert
  • Bubbles & Rose – 50% Off
  • White Wine – 50% Off
  • Red Wine – 50% Off
  • Bottled Spirits
  • Beer/Cider/RTD
  • Non Alcoholic
  • Moxies Market

Moxies Summer Feature Menu

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Key Lime Pie12.5
Rib Eye 13oz50.00
Thai Chicken Salad23.00
Tuna Salad25.00
Chicken Tacos ‘Al Pastor’ Style22.00
Tiny Tuna Tacos15.00

Moxies Canada Menu – Meal Bundles

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Burger and Wings Combo45.00
Game Night Combo55.00
3-Course Date Night60.00

Moxies Vegetarian & Plant-Based Menu

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Sweet Potato Fries & Garlic Dip13.00
Vegetarian Power Bowl25.00
Beyond Meat Burger24.00
Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps23.25
Vegan Tacos22.75
Roasted Tomatoes & Whipped Feta20.25
Fresh Smashed Guacamole16.00

Appetizers Menu

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps23.25
Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps23.25
Chicken Wings20.5
Fresh Smashed Guacamole16.00
Dry Ribs19.00
Tuna Sushi Stack21.75

Moxies Canada Menu – Salads 

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chimichurri Steak Salad28.00
Avocado & Bacon Cobb Salad27.25
Caesar Salad16.75

Moxies Canada Menu – Steaks

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Rib Eye 13oz50.00
New York 10oz47.00
Mushroom Sirloin 7oz39.75
Sirloin 7oz35.75
Steak Frites35.75

Moxies Canada Menu – Mains

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Baby Back Ribs32.5
Chipotle Mango Chicken33.00
Lemon Basil Salmon35.75

Moxies Canada Menu – Pastas & Bowls 

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Tuna Poke Bowl29.00
Vegetarian Power Bowl25.00
Prawn Tagliatelle29.00
Chicken Alfredo27.5
Chicken Madeira Rigatoni25.5

Moxies Canada Menu – Handhelds 

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Vegan Tacos22.75
Blackened Shrimp Tacos22.75
Chicken Tenders21.25
Loaded Cheeseburger24.25
Beyond Meat Burger24.00
Grilled Chicken Burger23.00
Blackened Chicken Burger23.00

Moxies Canada Menu – Kids

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Kids’ Pizza15.00
Kids’ Grilled Salmon Dinner15.00
Kids’ Grilled Chicken Dinner15.00
Kids’ Chicken Fingers15.00
Kids’ Pasta15.00
Kids’ Cheeseburger15.00

Moxies Canada Menu – Dessert 

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Salted Caramel Cheesecake12.5
Key Lime Pie12.5
Bite of Brownie9.00
White Chocolate Brownie12.75

Bubbles & Rose – 50% Off

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Rosé, Saintly48.00
Champagne, Veuve Clicquot Brut165.2
Prosecco, Mionetto55.2
Cava Codorniu12.00
Prosecco Rose – Ruffino48.00

White Wine – 50% Off

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Pinot Grigio, Vista Point  40.00
Chardonnay, Butternut  69.2
Chardonnay, Josh55.2
Chardonnay, Trius VQA39.2
Riesling – Tawse VQA41.00
Zinfandel, Beringer38.00
Sauvignon Blanc – Kim Crawford53.2
Pinot Grigio, Montalto44.2

Red Wine – 50% Off

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Cabernet Sauvignon, Vista Point95.2
Amarone, Masi Costasera47.2
Côtes du Rhône, Ogier Héritages0.14
Rioja – Campo Viejo Reserva53.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Tom Gore53.2
Cabernet Franc, Tawse67.00
Zinfandel, Ravenswood55.2
Red Blend, Pasqua Romeo & Juliet44.2
Merlot, Rodney Strong65.2
Shiraz – 19 Crimes48.00
Merlot, Adobe40.2
Pinot Noir, Meiomi55.2

Moxies Canada Menu – Bottled Spirits 

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Crown Royal Whisky60.2
Bulleit Bourbon65.2
Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin55.2
Bacardi White Rum55.2
Ketel One Vodka65.2
Jameson Irish Whisky65.2
Grey Goose Vodka90.2

Moxies Beer/Cider/RTD Menu

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Dos Equis, 6 Pack 355mL (4.5% ABV)41.1
Dos Equis, Single 355mL (4.5% ABV)8.5
Corona, 6 Pack 330mL (4.6% ABV)41.1
Corona, Single 330mL (4.6% ABV)8.5
Heineken, 6 Pack 355ml (5% ABV)41.1
Somersby cider, 4 Pack (500ml 4.5% ABV)30.4
Somersby Cider, 500mL (4.5% ABV)9.00
Glutenberg, 4 Pack 473ml (4.5% ABV)26.4
Glutenberg, Single 473ml (4.5% ABV)9.00
Miller Light, 6 Pack 341 (4% ABV)34.5
Miller Light, Single 341 (4% ABV)7.5

Non-Alcoholic Menu

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Pop 355ml  2.25
Acqua Panna Still Water  7.25
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water7.25

Moxies Canada – Market Menu

ItemPrice In CA ($)
Margarita Cocktail Kit  95.00
Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit  95.00
Hard Lemonade Cocktail kit  95.00
Caesar Cocktail Kit95.00
Tomatoes and Whipped Feta DIY Kit30.00
Nacho DIY Kit20.00
Chicken Madeira Rigatoni DIY Kit30.00

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