Tim Hortons Menu Canada

Tim Hortons Menu With Price Canada (Updated 2024)

Tim Hortons Menu Canada is a famous Canadian restaurant started in 1964 by the legendary hockey player Tim Horton. It began as a small coffee shop but has since grown into the best coffee spot in Canada, with over 5,000 shops worldwide.

BitesCa offers up-to-date pricing and images for the Tim Hortons in Canada. They initially sold Tim Hortons over the past 59 years, and they kept adding more things to their menu for Tim Hortons lovers. In Canada, you can find various items on the Tim Horton’s menu, including wraps and sandwiches.

Tim Hortons Menu Canada – 2024

In Canada, Tim Horton’s Menu is divided into 7 special menu deals for you:

  • Favorites
  • Meal Bundles
  • Hot Beverages
  • Cold Beverages
  • Lunch & Dinner Menu
  • Baked Goods
  • Other

Tim Hortons Menu – Favorites

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Farmer’s Breakfast Sandwich5.25
Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap5.25
Iced Capp3.26
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Donuts2.56
Timbits Multi-Pack3.26

Tim Hortons Canada Menu – Meal Bundles

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Classic Breakfast Bundle (serves 4-6)36.15
Classic Breakfast Bundle for 217.54
Family Bundle (serves 12+)40.41
Farmer’s Breakfast Bundle (serves 4-6)38.81
Farmer’s Breakfast Bundle for 218.92

Tim Hortons Canada Menu – Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Caramel Latte3.85
Dark Roast Coffee1.86
Decaf Coffee1.86
Espresso Shot1.74
French Vanilla2.56
London Fog2.91
Mocha Latte3.5
Original Blend Coffee1.86
Roasted Hazelnut Latte3.85
Specialty Tea – Large & Extra Large2.3
Specialty Tea – Small & Medium1.86
Steeped Tea1.86
Take 1223.39

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Apple Juice2.68
Bottled Water2.33
Chocolate Creamy Chill4.08
Chocolate Milk2.33
Diet Coke3.03
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Quencher2.21
Glaceau Smartwater3.03
Gold Peak Lemon3.5
Gold Peak Raspberry3.5
Hershey S’mores Creamy Chill4.08
Hershey S’mores Iced Capp4.08
Iced Capp3.26
Iced Capp® Light3.26
Iced Coffee2.33
Iced Latte3.5
Iced Vanilla Latte3.85
Mocha Iced Capp4.08
New! Biebs Brew (French Vanilla Cold Brew)3.26
Orange Juice2.68
Original Cold Brew2.91
Passionfruit Tea Lemonade Quencher2.68
Peach Drink3.03
Peach Real Fruit Quencher2.68
Strawberry Creamy Chill4.08
Strawberry Frozen Lemonade2.91
Strawberry Watermelon Real Fruit Quencher2.68
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew3.26
Vanilla Creamy Chill4.08
Vanilla Iced Capp4.08

Tim Hortons Lunch & Dinner Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Vanilla Yogurt Parfait4.08
Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich6.07
Spicy Habanero Sausage Bagel Breakfast Sandwich5.49
Simply Sausage Biscuit2.91
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich4.9
Sausage & Bacon Breakfast Wrap6.07
Harvest Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap6.42
Harvest Breakfast Sandwich5.49
Grilled Breakfast Wrap4.32
Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap5.25
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich4.9
6 Assorted Bagels10.52

Baked Goods Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Wild Blueberry Muffins2.09
Whole Grain Pecan Banana Bread Muffins2.09
Vanilla Dip Donuts1.74
Timbits Multi-Pack3.26
Tea Biscuit1.86
S’mores Dream Donut2.56
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Donuts2.56
Raisin Bran Muffins2.09
Peanut Butter Cookies1.51
Old Fashion Plain Donuts1.51
New! Chocolate White Fudge Timbieb0.57
New! 10 Assorted Timbits4.08
Muffin Multi-Pack10.52
Maple Dip Donut Donuts1.74
Honey Dip Donuts1.51
Honey Cruller Donuts1.51
Fruit Explosion Muffins2.56
Double Chocolate Donuts1.74
Donut Multi-Pack7.59
Cookie Multi-Pack7.59
Cinnamon Bun3.26
Chocolate Dip Donuts1.74
Chocolate Croissant2.56
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cookies1.51
Chocolate Chip Muffins2.09
Carrot Cake with Walnuts Muffins2.56
Boston Cream Donuts1.74
Blueberry Donuts1.74
Apple Fritter Donuts1.74

Tim Hortons Menu Price – Others

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
French Vanilla Cappuccino 454 grams Can8.18
Dark Roast 875 grams Can 22.22
400 grams Original Blend Coffee Bag11.69
400 grams Dark Roast Coffee Bag11.69
30 ct k-cups original blend23.39

Tim Hortons Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemsPrice In CA ($)
Smoky Honey Bacon Bagel BELT5.69
Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich4.69
Smoky Honey Bacon Farmer’s Wrap5.69
Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich5.49
Simply Sausage Sandwich2.99
Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich5.49
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich4.49
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich4.49
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich3.99
Check Complete:- Breakfast Menu

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