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Freshii Menu With Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Freshii Menu. It has got lots of yummy and healthy stuff to eat. Start your day with tasty breakfast bowls of fruit, grains, and eggs. At lunchtime, try its salads packed with colorful veggies and tasty dressings.

If you’re in a hurry, grab a wrap or sandwich with lots of good stuff inside. And remember to sip their yummy juices and smoothies filled with vitamins. Freshii has something for everyone, even if you’re vegetarian or vegan. And BitesCA provides you with the latest prices for Freshii Menu Canada.

Freshii Menu Canada – 2024

In Canada, Freshii Menus are divided into 12 deals for you:

Freshii Classics

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chipotle Cheddar Bowl10.79
Classics Combo14.39
Southwest BBQ Bowl10.79
Bacon Ranch Salad10.79


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Buddha Satay Bowl11.99
Oaxaca Bowl13.19
Tex Mex Bowl12.59
Pangoa Bowl12.59
Teriyaki Twist Bowl11.99
Smokehouse Bowl12.59


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Tex Mex Burrito11.39
Custom Burrito10.18
Smokehouse Burrito11.39
Mediterranean Burrito11.99
Teriyaki Twist Burrito10.79
Buddha Satay Burrito10.79


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Kale Caesar Salad12.59
Cobb Salad13.79
Custom Salad11.39
Market Salad13.19


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Fiesta Wrap11.99
Kale Caesar Wrap11.39
Custom Wrap10.19
Cobb Wrap12.59


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Spicy Lemongrass Soup8.99
Tortilla Soup8.99

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Cheesy Chicken Pocket7.19
Super Kids Salad7.19
Kids Power Bowl7.19


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Coconut Chia Pudding6.59
Miss Vickies Original2.15
Cocoa Energii Bites3.59
Freshii Sweet Potato Chips2.15
Miss Vickies Jalapeno2.15


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
24oz Freshii Green10.19
24oz Chocolate Peanut Butter10.19
12oz Strawberrii Banana7.55
24oz Tropical Mango10.19
12oz Freshii Green7.55
NEW! 24oz Mixed Berrii10.19

Juices & Cleanses

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Antioxidant Elixir4.43
Get Glowing Juice8.39
Juice Cleanse (5 Day)203.99
Renew Juice8.39
Immune Elixir4.43
Green Genius Juice8.39


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (1 bottle)27.59
Bye Bye Stress Gummies27.59
Super Mushroom Gummies27.59


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Ginger Lemonade Kombucha4.79
Bottled Diet Coke3.23
Ginger Ale 355ml2.15
Diet Coke 355ml2.15
Nestea lemon2.99
Superfood Pink Sparkling Lemonade4.79

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