Fionn MacCool’s Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Welcome to BitesCA on Fionn MacCool’s Menu. Fionn MacCool’s is a cool place where you can eat yummy food. They have all sorts of tasty dishes, like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips. Some food is like what Irish families have been making for years, but they also have new, exciting stuff to try. So, if you want to taste something new, Fionn MacCool’s is the place to be. BitesCA provides the latest prices for Fionn MacCool’s Menu in Canada.


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Irish Classics for Two43
Fish and Chips for Two26.26
Fish and Chips for Four47.5


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Pub Special14.1
Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip17.64
Thick-Cut Calamari17.41
Mini Yorkies15.05
Chicken Wings – 8 Piece17.64
Chicken Wings – 12 Piece25.37
Chicken Wings – 16 Piece31.27

Salads & Bowls

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Tuna Poke Bowl22.11
Cajun Salmon Bowl23.31
Cobb Salad21.83
Chicken Caesar Salad20.65


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Penne Alla Ale16.82
NEW! Buffalo Ranch Chicken Fingers21.54
NEW! Blarney Finger & Fries21.54
Shepherd’s Pie21.18
Fish and Chips19.47
Good Old Chicken Fingers20.36

Fauxtein Classics

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Vegetarian Phish Tacos20.65
Vegetarian Poke Bowl17.11
NEW! Vegetarian Blarney Fingers20.36
Hold the Meat Burger20.36
Vegetarian Phish and Chips19.47

Burgers & Handhelds

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chicken Bacon Sandwich20.36
Reuben Bacon Buddy21.18
Fionn’s Burger20.95
Spicy Maple Bacon Burger21.54
NEW! Fried Chicken Sandwich21.18
Pubs Bacon Cheeseburger21.18
Fish Tacos20.65

Kids’ Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Kids’ Hamburger9.15
Kids’ Chicken Fingers9.15
Kids’ Half-Pint Shepherd’s Pie9.15


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
White Chocolate Cheesecake9.25


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Red Bull5
Canned Pop1.49

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