Greco Pizza Menu Price Canada

Greco Pizza Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Greco Pizza guide. Greco Pizza is a popular pizza restaurant chain in Canada. At Greco Pizza Restaurant Menu, there are 21 special deals for you. Enjoy delicious food without spending too much at Greco Pizza. 

They have over 200 tasty items like BBQ Chicken Pizza, Donair Burgers, and OVENSUBS®. You can find all the latest prices at BitesCA on the Greco Pizza Menu in Canada.


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Garlic Fingers and GrecoWorks Pizza Combo30.99
Garlic Fingers and Three-Topping Pizza Combo30.99
Two ¼ Pound Donairs with Two Pop20.99
Family Feast48.99


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Tartar Sauce1.2
Donair Eggroll3.93
Regular Wings (8 pcs)14.51
Regular Wings (40 pcs)60.49
Boneless Wings (8 pcs)14.51
Boneless Wings (15 pcs)24.19
Boneless Wings (40 pcs)60.49
Large Gravy2.41
Greco Cheese Garlic Bread4.49
Greco Cheese, Bacon, and Garlic Bread6.18
Donair Dippers7.08

Fish & Chips

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Fish Burger6.04
1 Piece Fish & Chips12.09
2 Piece Fish & Chips18.14
3 Piece Fish & Chips21.77


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Garlic Finger Slice4.68
Donair Slice4.68
Works Slice4.68
Meats Slice4.68
Hawaiian Slice4.68
Pepperoni Slice4.68
Veggie Slice4.39


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Regular Wings (8 pcs)14.51
Regular Wings (15 pcs)24.19
Boneless Wings (8 pcs)14.51
Boneless Wings (15 pcs)24.19
Boneless Wings (40 pcs)60.49

Fries & Poutines

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
East Coast Poutine20.56
Large French Fries6.04
Small Poutine8.46
Large Poutine13.3
Small Donair Poutine12.09
Large Donair Poutine16.93

Garlic Fingers

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Medium Garlic Fingers15.39
Large Garlic Fingers21.99
Party Garlic Fingers28.59
Small Garlic Fingers10.44

Donair Burgers

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
1/2 lb Donair Burger Cone9.55
Jr. Donair Burger Cone5.05
1/4 lb. Donair Burger Cone5.95


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Donair Burger (1/2 lb)9.95
Donair (1/2 lb)11.24
Donair (3/4 lb)14.61
Donair (1/4 lb)7.86
Donair Burger (1/4 lb)5.95

Eggrolls & Dippers

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
15 Donair Dippers11.8
Donair Eggroll3.93
Donair Eggroll Combo – 2 Eggrolls + Pop8.99
8 Donair Dippers7.08


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Italian OVENSUB® (Half)8.43
Donair OVENSUB® (Full)13.04
Assorted OVENSUB® (Half)8.43
Veggie OVENSUB® (Half)8.43
Veggie OVENSUB® (Full)13.04
Pizza OVENSUB® (Half)8.43
Pizza OVENSUB® (Full)13.04
Italian OVENSUB® (Full)13.04
Hawaiian Heat Donair OVENSUB® (Full)12.1
Donair OVENSUB® (Half)8.43
Philly Steak OVENSUB® (Half)9.55
Philly Steak OVENSUB® (Full)14.16
BBQ Chicken OVENSUB® (Full)14.16


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Mighty Meaty Calzone9.21
Donair Calzone9.21
Hawaiian Calzone9.21
Pepperoni Duo Calzone9.21
Grecoworks Calzone9.21

Large Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza30.46
Large Superworks™ Pizza30.46
Large Canadian Pizza28.26
Large Mighty Meaty™ Pizza28.26
Large Donair Pizza28.26
Large Hawaiian Deluxe™ Pizza28.26
Large Veggie Pizza28.26
Large Build Your Own Pizza22.54
Large Hawaiian Heat Donair Pizza24.2
Large Grecoworks™ Pizza28.26
Large Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni Pizza24.2

Medium Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza24.08
Medium Superworks™ Pizza24.08
Medium Canadian Pizza22.54
Medium Mighty Meaty™ Pizza22.54
Medium Hawaiian Deluxe™ Pizza22.54
Medium Donair Pizza22.54
Medium Veggie Pizza22.54
Medium Build Your Own Pizza17.04
Medium Hawaiian Heat Donair Pizza15.7
Medium Grecoworks™ Pizza22.54
Medium Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni Pizza15.7

Small Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Small BBQ Chicken Pizza15.61
Small Superworks™ Pizza15.61
Small Canadian Pizza14.29
Small Mighty Meaty™ Pizza14.29
Small Hawaiian Deluxe™ Pizza14.29
Small Donair Pizza14.29
Small Veggie Pizza14.29
Small Build Your Own Pizza10.44
Small Hawaiian Heat Donair Pizza13.3
Small Grecoworks™ Pizza14.29
Small Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni Pizza13.3

Party Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Party BBQ Chicken Pizza36.02
Party Superworks™ Pizza36.02
Party Canadian Pizza35.19
Party Mighty Meaty™ Pizza35.19
Party Hawaiian Deluxe™ Pizza35.19
Party Donair Pizza35.19
Party Veggie Pizza35.19
Party Build Your Own Pizza28.59
Party Hawaiian Heat Donair Pizza32.65
Party Grecoworks™ Pizza35.19
Party Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni Pizza32.65


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Creamy Garlic Dip1.11
Marinara Dip1.11
Donair Sauce1.11
Wing Sauce1.11
Southwest Dip1.11
Pizza Sauce1.11
Caesar Dressing1.11


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Gourmet Cookie (1 pc)1.24
Gourmet Cookie (2 pcs)2.19
Gourmet Cookie (4 pcs)4.38
Gourmet Cookie (12 pcs)12.36
Chocolate Lava Cake4.78
Gourmet Cookie (6 pcs)6.29

GlutenGone® Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chicken GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)10.68
12″ GlutenGone® Grecoworks Pizza26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Mighty Meaty Pizza26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Hawaiian Pizza26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Donair Pizza26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Pepperoni Pizza26.11
Pizza GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Full)15.29
Donair GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Full)15.29
Hawaiian GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Full)15.29
12″ GlutenGone® Garlic Fingers18.96
Donair GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)9.55
Pizza GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)9.55
Veggie GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)10.68


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
BUBLY (473 ml)2.74
Bottled Pop (591 ml)3.29
Bottled Pop (2 L)5.29
White Milk (250 ml)3.03
Chocolate Milk (250 ml)3.29
White Milk (500 ml)4.39
Chocolate Milk (500 ml)4.39
Canned Pop (335 ml)2.31

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