Pizza Hotline Menu & Prices Canada

Pizza Hotline Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Pizza Hotline Menu Canada is the go-to place. They have a menu with everything from regular burgers to tasty international dishes and healthier choices.

Pizza Hotline has been making pizzas in Canada for more than 30 years. Check out the prices for Pizza Hotline Menu items in Canada here on BitesCA.

Menu Pizza Hotline – Pan Pizza 

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Italian Classic Small11.99
Italian Classic Medium13.99
Italian Classic X-Large17.99
Primo Pepperoni Small11.99
Primo Pepperoni Medium13.99
Primo Pepperoni X-Large17.99
Meaty Delight Small11.99
Meaty Delight Medium13.99
Meaty Delight X-Large17.99
Spicy Hawaiian Small11.99
Spicy Hawaiian Medium13.99
Spicy Hawaiian X-Large17.99
Deluxe Hawaiian Small11.99
Deluxe Hawaiian Medium13.99
Deluxe Hawaiian X-Large17.99
Mediterranean Small11.99
Mediterranean Medium13.99
Mediterranean X-Large17.99
New York Small11.99
New York Medium13.99
New York X-Large17.99
Tropical Chicken Small11.99
Tropical Chicken Medium13.99
Tropical Chicken X-Large17.99
The Bacon Doble cheese Small11.99
The Bacon Doble cheese Medium13.99
The Bacon Doble cheese X-Large17.99
Garden Veggie Small11.99
Garden Veggie Medium13.99
Garden Veggie X-Large17.99
Taco Pizza Small11.99
Taco Pizza Medium13.99
Taco Pizza X-Large17.99
Primo suprimo Small11.99
Primo suprimo Medium13.99
Primo suprimo X-Large17.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Small11.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Medium13.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch X-Large17.99
Combination Small11.99
Combination Medium13.99
Combination X-Large17.99
The Greek Small11.99
The Greek Medium13.99
The Greek X-Large17.99
Primo Mexi Small11.99
Primo Mexi Medium13.99
Primo Mexi X-Large17.99

Pizza Hotline Canada Menu – Speciality Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
XL 4 topping Pizza11.99
222 For you22.22
Cheese sticks & 2 pizza22.22
Pizza & Wings23

Pizza Hotline Menu – Add-Ons

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Pepsi + Hot breadsticks4.99
Cheese sticks & 2 pizza6.5
10 dry rub wings8.99
Chicken bacon ranch7.49
6 cinnamon buns6.99


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
10 Boneless Wings11.99
20 Boneless Wings21.99
10 Bone-In Wings11.99
20 Bone-In Wings21.99


Menu ItemsSidePrice In CA ($)FamilyPrice In CA ($)
Greek Salad4.9911.99
Caesar Salad4.9911.99
Tossed Salad4.9911.99


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
McCain’s Chocolate Cake5.99
Cinnamon Sticks (16 Pieces)8.99
Extra Icing1.25


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
2L Pop3.99
Can Pop1.49
6 Can Pop Pack6.00
3 Can Pop Pack3.50
Water Aquafina2.19

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