Pizza Delight Canada Menu Price

Pizza Delight Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Pizza Delight in Canada has lots of tasty choices for everyone. Pizza Delight Menu has classic burgers, fries, and even well options. Try yummy Classic Panzerotti or Strawberry Shortcake. It’s good food that won’t break the bank.

BitesCA tells you how much things cost, so you can enjoy over 100 menu items and 14 special deals without spending too much. 

Pizza Delight Menu Canada 2024

In Canada, the Pizza Delight Menu is divided into 14 special deals for you:

  • Take Out Menu and Delivery Specials
  • Starters
  • Donairs and Panzerottis
  • Oven-Melted Subs
  • 9″ Signature Pizzas
  • 12″ Signature Pizzas
  • 15″ Signature Pizzas
  • 21″ Signature Pizzas
  • Create Your Own Pizza
  • Cauliflower Crust Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Desserts
  • Sauces
  • Beverages

Pizza Delight Take Out Menu and Delivery Specials

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Online for Two21.99
15″ Three-Topping Pizza and 15″ Garlic Cheese Fingers31.89
12″ Three-Topping Pizza and 12″ Garlic Cheese Fingers26.39
9″ Three-Topping Pizza and 9″ Garlic Cheese Fingers17.59
Party Pizza and 2L Pop Combo28.59
9″ Super Donair and 9″ Garlic Cheese Fingers17.59

Pizza Delight Starters Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
12″ Garlic Cheese Fingers14.78
9″ Garlic Cheese Fingers11.21
6 Wings – Boneless12.42
12″ Classic BBQ Nachos15.94
9″ Classic BBQ Nachos11.54
10″ Cauliflower Crust Garlic Cheese Fingers16.15
6 Wings – Lightly Breaded11.76
6 Donair Pinwheels9.89
12 Wings – Lightly Breaded18.69

Donairs and Panzerottis

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
9″ Large Classic Panzerotti15.83
9″ Super Donair15.72
6″ Super Donair13.96
6″ Regular Classic Panzerotti13.63
6″ Classic Donair11.76
6″ Super Donair Panzerotti14.07
9″ Classic Donair14.07
9″ Super Donair Panzerotti16.38

Oven-Melted Subs Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
The Works Oven-Melted Sub15.06
Italian Delight Oven-Melted Subs15.06
Super Donair Oven-Melted Sub15.06

9″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
9″ Works Pizza16.6
9″ Hawaiian Delight Pizza16.6
9″ BBQ Chicken Pizza16.6
9″ All-Star® Meat Pizza16.82
9″ Donair Pizza16.82
9″ Smoky Bacon Donair Pizza16.82
9″ Chunky Vegetable Greek Pizza16.6
9″ Broadway® Classic Pizza16.6
9″ Ultimate Pizza16.82

12″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
12″ Works Pizza23.31
12″ All-Star® Meat Pizza23.53
12″ Donair Pizza23.53
12″ Chunky Vegetable Greek Pizza23.31
12″ BBQ Chicken Pizza23.31
12″ Ultimate Pizza23.53
12″ Smoky Bacon Donair Pizza23.53
12″ Hawaiian Delight Pizza23.31
12″ Broadway® Classic Pizza23.31

15″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
15″ Works Pizza28.92
15″ All-Star® Meat Pizza29.25
15″ Ultimate Pizza29.25
15″ Hawaiian Delight Pizza28.92
15″ Broadway® Classic Pizza28.92
15″ Chunky Vegetable Greek Pizza28.92
15″ Donair Pizza29.25
15″ Smoky Bacon Donair Pizza29.25
15″ BBQ Chicken Pizza28.92

21″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
21″ All-Star® Meat Pizza37.94
21″ Works Pizza37.28
21″ Hawaiian Delight Pizza37.28
21″ Smoky Bacon Donair Pizza37.94
21″ Broadway® Classic Pizza37.28
21″ Chunky Vegetable Greek Pizza37.28
21″ Donair Pizza37.94
21″ Ultimate Pizza37.94
21″ BBQ Chicken Pizza37.28

Create Your Own Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
12″ Create Your Own Pizza15.72
9″ Create Your Own Pizza11.26
15″ Create Your Own Pizza18.03
21″ Create Your Own Pizza22.98

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cauliflower Crust Pizza21.22
Southwest Chicken & Guacamole Cauliflower Crust Pizza21.22

Pizza Delight Menu – Pasta

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chicken Alfredo Pasta17.81
Spaghetti with Italian Meatballs16.49

Pizza Delight Dessert Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Chocolate Eruption8.46
Sweet and Salty Chocolate truffle8.46
Strawberry Shortcake8.46

Sauces Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Large Donair Sauce2.09
Pizza Sauce2.09
Famous Spaghetti Sauce2.09

Pizza Delight Menu – Beverages

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Soft Drink Bottle (2L)3.73

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