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Pizza Factory Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

Welcome to BitesCA, your go-to spot for amazing food Menu Prices. Check out the Pizza Factory Menu; it has yummy choices for everyone, from classic pizzas to new, exciting flavors. Pizza Factory pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients, making every bite delicious. It also has tasty appetizers, yummy pasta dishes, fresh salads, and sweet desserts. At Bitesca, we’re all about giving you great food Menu Prices. So check the Pizza Factory Menu today.

Small Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Small Black Night Pizza15
Small Canadian Pizza15
Small Vegetarian Pizza15
Small House Special Pizza15
Small New York Deli Pizza15
Small Whopper Pizza15
Small Factory Special Pizza15
Small El Greeko Pizza15
Small Chef Special Pizza15
Small Hot and Spicy Pizza15
Small Chicken Teriyaki Pizza15
Small Greek Pizza15
Small Super Hawaiian Pizza15
Small Veggie Garlic Pizza15
Small Bacon Burger Pizza15
Small Mexicano Pizza15
Small Taco Pizza15
Small Spinach Lover Pizza15
Small Chicken Lover Pizza15
Small BBQ Chicken Pizza15
Small Pesto Chicken Pizza15
Small Tandoori Chicken Pizza15
Small Chicken Ranch Pizza15
Small Veggie Garlic Pizza15
Small Volcano Special Pizza15
Small Chicken Supreme Pizza15
Small Chicken Parmesan Pizza15

Medium Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Medium Black Night Pizza18
Medium House Special Pizza18
Medium Vegetarian Pizza18
Medium Canadian Pizza18
Medium El Greeko Pizza18
Medium Whopper Pizza18
Medium Chef Special Pizza18
Medium New York Deli Pizza18
Medium Factory Special Pizza18
Medium Hot and Spicy Pizza18
Medium Chicken Parmesan Pizza18
Medium Veggie Garlic Pizza18
Medium Chicken Teriyaki Pizza18
Medium Chicken Supreme Pizza18
Medium Volcano Special Pizza18
Medium Super Hawaiian Pizza18
Medium Greek Pizza18
Medium Bacon Burger Pizza18
Medium Mexicano Pizza18
Medium Taco Pizza18
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza18
Medium Chicken Lover Pizza18
Medium Chicken Ranch Pizza18
Medium Pesto Chicken Pizza18
Medium Tandoori Chicken Pizza18
Medium Spinach Lover Pizza18
Medium Veggie Garlic Pizza18

Large Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Large Canadian Pizza20
Large Chef Special Pizza20
Large Black Night Pizza20
Large Vegetarian Pizza20
Large New York Deli Pizza20
Large Whopper Pizza20
Large House Special Pizza20
Large El Greeko Pizza20
Large Factory Special Pizza20
Large Hot and Spicy Pizza20
Large Super Hawaiian Pizza20
Large Veggie Garlic Pizza20
Large Chicken Parmesan Pizza20
Large Chicken Supreme Pizza20
Large Volcano Special Pizza20
Large Chicken Teriyaki Pizza20
Large Greek Pizza20
Large Bacon Burger Pizza20
Large Mexicano Pizza20
Large Taco Pizza20
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza20
Large Chicken Lover Pizza20
Large Spinach Lover Pizza20
Large Pesto Chicken Pizza20
Large Veggie Garlic Pizza20
Large Chicken Ranch Pizza20
Large Tandoori Chicken Pizza20


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Tossed Green Salad5
Chicken Caesar Salad7
Caesar Salad6
Greek Salad7

Create Your Own Small Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
One Small One Topping Pizza11
One Small Two Topping Pizza12
One Small Three Topping Pizza13
One Small Four Topping Pizza14
One Small Five Topping Pizza15
One Small Six Topping Pizza16

Create Your Own Medium Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
One Medium One Topping Pizza14
One Medium Two Topping Pizza15
One Medium Three Topping Pizza16
One Medium Four Topping Pizza17
One Medium Five Topping Pizza18
One Medium Six Topping Pizza19

Create Your Own Large Pizza

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
One Large One Topping Pizza16
One Large Two Topping Pizza17
One Large Three Topping Pizza18
One Large Four Topping Pizza19
One Large Five Topping Pizza20
One Large Six Topping Pizza21


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Garlic Toast2.5
Cheese Toast4.5
Chilli Flakes0.75
Chipotle Dip1
Ranch Dip1
Hot Sauce0.85
BBQ Sauce0.85


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Orange Crush2
Diet Pepsi2
Root Beer2
Iced Tea2
Canned Sprite2
Canned Mountain Dew2
7 UP4
Canned Coke2

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