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Welcome to BitesCA. Check the Pizza Garden Menu, which is filled with yummy pizzas. It uses fresh, local ingredients to make pizzas taste great. Pizza Garden Menu has all kinds of pizzas, from classic ones to new favorites. And we keep things simple with prices. BitesCA provides the latest price information for the Pizza Garden Menu.

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 Pizza Garden Deal

Pizza Garden’s excellent deal includes appetizers, salads, meaty pizzas, veggie pizzas, and drinks. You can munch on starters, enjoy fresh salads, and dive into delicious pizzas with your favorite toppings. Plus, sip on refreshing beverages to complete your meal. It’s a fantastic offer for everyone to enjoy a tasty feast with plenty of options.

History of Pizza Garden

Pizza Garden started as a small pizza place loved by locals. People enjoyed their yummy pizzas so much that the business grew more prominent. Now, Pizza Garden is a popular spot known for its tasty pies. It’s where everyone can gather to eat delicious pizza and have fun with friends and family.

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Pick Your Favorite Meal

Pizza Garden’s Pick Your Favorite Meal lets you choose from yummy appetizers, fresh salads, meaty pizzas, veggie pizzas, and drinks. You get to build your perfect meal with all your favorite flavors. Whether you love meat or veggies, there’s something delicious for everyone. Enjoy your personalized feast at Pizza Garden, where every bite is a treat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Pizza Garden is a cozy restaurant known for its delicious pizzas and other tasty treats.

Pizza Garden offers a variety of pizzas, including meaty options, veggie options, and classic choices like cheese and pepperoni.

 Along with pizzas, Pizza Garden also serves appetizers, salads, and drinks to complement your meal.

 You can contact Pizza Garden by email ( [email protected] )

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Pizza Garden Reviews

Pizza Garden Main St.
Based on 542 reviews
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Courtney HollinsonCourtney Hollinson
02:00 12 May 24
Pizza is good but I asked for garlic dip on the side and they literally just poured a pile of garlic dip in the corner of the box ….
17:00 03 May 24
Always the best!! can't get enough 😋
Brad PorterBrad Porter
23:41 29 Apr 24
$13+ for three slices of pizza. Pizza garden used to be a good value, but now it's a rip off
04:57 28 Apr 24
I tried a couple of times but... Its okay.I don't like the bottom of the pizza its always burned and also taste like that.And super thin 😞The employees are friendly and the place is clean.
Anahita KasiriAnahita Kasiri
04:43 22 Apr 24
Excellent thin crust pizza bread! They are selling pizza by slice and all of them was so good and price is so affordable with good quality food! Friendly staff! Bathroom was clean.
Why do you close at 10 on weekends?!
Ben MorenoBen Moreno
01:40 31 Mar 24
Very clean restaurant, with high chairs by the window or tables for 4 people, very consistent quality, fast and friendly servers, recommended.
Scott DonnellyScott Donnelly
22:11 20 Mar 24
Cool looking location but somebody’s old granny served me the worst version of pizza garden I’ve ever had, this location is a bust
John Bruce KingJohn Bruce King
17:34 17 Mar 24
Very good slice selection...
Victor YuanVictor Yuan
20:25 26 Feb 24
Marcy OakleyMarcy Oakley
15:21 30 Jan 24
Not happy. I am usually easy to please. But at these prices the pizza was awful.Lots of burned , dry crust and just a small small drop of some sauce and slivers of sausage of pineapple. Both pizzas presented like a child made them.No value, no taste.
Orton MakOrton Mak
01:06 25 Nov 23
Bought a pizza with olives, artichokes, prosciutto and mushrooms. Ordered on the app to save. We usually buy from the commercial location which has been quite good.The pizza itself seemed low on toppings and the crust almost 2 inches wide. Poor on value. The pizza was poorly cut with gigantic pieces unsuitable for one person. Honestly, doesn’t seem like the owner/people who work there care all that much.Pizza Garden is usually alright, but maybe best to avoid this location.
Lydia X.Lydia X.
14:03 16 Nov 23
Clean pizza by-the-slice place with reasonable prices. Thin crust. You'll have to ask for hot sauce/other extras if you want them. Decent amount of seating inside. Great for an easy, quick, and delicious meal. I like that they warm up the pizza again before giving it to you.
Kenny WuKenny Wu
02:59 08 Sep 23
I always want to try the pizza from Pizza Garden because I see a high rating in google so Today I dropped by at the Main Street branch but received a very bad customer service from a Filipino lady. She is so rude and show me no patience. My mom and I need some time to decide what selection of pizza to order. She stare at me in an unfriendly way like I’m Taking her time to long which make me feel uncomfortable and disrespectful. I asked her if i can order the pop to make a combo , then she yelled back to me and said “ what pop?” Very rudely. After I paid She didn’t hang me the plate and pop after I finished order the food and drink . I needed to lean my body toward the counter to grab the plate and pop by myself. I made the payment by using my credit card , she just left the cashier area and I need to tear the receipt from the machine myself. I thought the store might need to keep the merchant receipt, so I asked if she want to keep the merchant copy , not surprisingly and again she stared at me in an unfriendly way and waving and said no. , showing no patience to communicate Although the pizza taste good , but i feel so uncomfortable and disrespectful from her bad attitude for the whole dine in experience. Usually I will put my empty plate and garbage to the disposable bin after I finish my food . But this time I decided not to do it because of the terrible service I received from this rude Filipino lady. when I am leaving the pizza place , she is mumbling in her mouth and again gave me the rude stare look to me. I understand that this is just a pizza place , and I am not expecting to receive any 5 star customer service from any server in this place . But I don’t expect to get such Terrible dining experience from this lady. So I will NEVER return to this pizza place again . Stay away fromThis location on main st . 🙁
Maksim BushuyevMaksim Bushuyev
02:36 29 Oct 22
Great tasting pizza. However, the amount of empty dry crust to actual sauce/cheese ratio is essentially robbery. Ordered two 18” pizzas, and both had a bare edge crust of about 3+ inches. I know that times are tough but this isn’t acceptable. Either make a proper pizza or increase your price to make up for the ingredient cost.
Pizza Garden (UBC)
Based on 223 reviews
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Joann KittyJoann Kitty
18:13 27 May 24
The team and pizza maker working yesterday were very lively and energetic, and the pizza was great.
Kerem SokeKerem Soke
23:09 21 May 24
Overall a bit pricey for a pizza of this size. Also, I didn't like the dough at all, although it is thin, it is more like a bread.But overall, it's not bad.
Claudia DumitrascuClaudia Dumitrascu
07:18 15 May 24
I am a big fan of Pizza Garden and I usually buy from the Metrotown location. I recently tried the Capicola pizza at the UBC location and I was surprised to notice a big difference between this one and the one I buy from Pizza Garden Metrotown - the pizza tasted dry and was whitish compared to the one I'm used to and even to the one on their menu photo (too bad I didn't take a photo). Even the meat looked differently. On a positive note, the crust was tasty.Too bad there is no guarantee to find the same pizza quality/taste in all Pizza Garden stores. Given my experience, I definitely won't come back here.
Serdar HatanSerdar Hatan
03:41 29 Apr 24
Durjoy BaidyaDurjoy Baidya
00:36 27 Apr 24
Tony LiTony Li
23:27 08 Apr 24
I've always liked the pizza from Pizza Garden on Main St and thought I'll give the UBC location a try. I ordered one slice first but noticed the special of 2 slices and a bottle of water so I switched. I decided to try the mushroom slice and the cheese slice. If I was after the taste, I would be disappointed because without chili flakes, it would be tasteless. The reason I like the pizza here is the crust. It is similar to type you find in Italy. Thin and crusty. The service is ok for this location. Cashier went back to playing his video game after heating up my slices. Typical for a campus style location.
Kamran OmanianKamran Omanian
20:42 14 Mar 24
Good pizza with nice toppings
Sadegh MazloomiSadegh Mazloomi
15:37 07 Mar 24
Pratham MalikPratham Malik
02:23 06 Mar 24
Pizza Garden is a delightful spot for pizza lovers on the go, offering a variety of mouthwatering options that cater to different tastes and preferences. The convenience of its location makes it a popular choice among students and locals alike, providing a quick and satisfying meal option.The ambiance at Pizza Garden is cozy and inviting, adding to the overall dining experience. However, one minor drawback is the limited seating capacity, which can make it challenging to find a spot during peak hours. Despite this, the vibe remains upbeat and friendly, making it a pleasant place to grab a slice or two with friends.In summary, Pizza Garden impresses with its tasty pizza options, convenient location, and welcoming atmosphere. While more seating would be appreciated, the overall experience is enjoyable, making it a go-to destination for pizza enthusiasts in the area.
Sade MailletSade Maillet
20:22 14 Jan 24
Xinyu-Christy ZhangXinyu-Christy Zhang
17:11 18 Nov 23
Really good pizza, baked in the fire!
Michelle CaiMichelle Cai
02:49 10 Jul 23
I use to like this place, but I found a piece of metal in my pizza. I called and all they could do is give me a free pizza. But I’m too afraid to order here again. They also told me they don’t have metal in the shop, but I don’t understand that excuse because I did find metal there.
Thomas DafingerThomas Dafinger
16:24 23 Jun 23
I ate a 10“ Pizza Caprese in here and I was not completely satisfied with it. I was missing spices and flavor. The tomato sauce was almost tasteless, unfortunately… And the pizza has little to do with neapolitan style as it is advertised.
03:07 25 Jul 21
This location (UBC)is my absolute favorite Pizza Garden. I will always make a trek from Richmond to buy a freshly made pizza from this place. The online ordering is a breeze and the fellows are very energetic and efficient.The dough is crisp on the outside and nice and doughy on the inside (perfect texture).The garlic ranch dipping sauce goes so well with the crust.My personal favorites are the Calabria & Primo.I will be back again and again to fill my pizza fix.
Chelsey GChelsey G
06:12 24 Jul 18
The food is super tasty!! Love the garlic cheese things and the pizza certainly ain't half bad either. Best part is, I was a patient at UBC hospital and they delivered TO MY BEDSIDE! Saved me for sure! Thanks so much!!

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