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McDonald’s Menu With Price Montreal (Updated 2024)

In Canada, McDonald’s Menu Montreal has a lot of tasty choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can start your day with a classic Sausage McMuffin with Egg or enjoy some fluffy Hot Cakes. If you want something lighter, they also have salads and wraps.

And remember to try the famous poutine, a favourite in Canada, made with cheese curds and gravy. McDonald’s Menu Montreal has something yummy for everyone. Get the latest information on McDonald’s Menu Montreal in Canada, including Prices, from BitesCA.

Mcdonald’s Menu Montreal – 2024

Mcdo Montreal is divided into 12 menu deals for you: | Beef Sandwiches | Feasts to Share | Chicken & Fish | Happy Feast | All Day Lunch | Pastry Shop | Hot Drinks | Cold Drinks | Desserts | Condiments | Individual Items | Snacks & Sides |

Mcdonald’s Trio Beef Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Big Mac11.89
Grand Big Mac13.29
Trio Grand Big Mac Bacon14.49
Double Big Mac14.19
Big Mac trio without meat10.19
Trio Quarter pounder with cheese12.19
Trio Quarter Pounder BLT13.09
Quarter pound trio without cheese11.79
Trio Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese14.49
Trio Double Quarter Pounder BLT15.39
Double Quarter Pounder Trio without cheese14.09
Trio Double hamburger cheese8.09

Feasts to Share

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Family feast (serving for 3)26.18
Feast 20 McCroquettes (portion for 2)26.19
40 pieces of Chicken McCroquettes (serving for 4)25.79
Economy feast (serving for 4)36.79

Mcdonald’s Monteal Chicken and Fish Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Spicy Chicken Mac Trio with Habanero13.09
MacChicken Trio11.89
Chicken McCroquettes Trio, 6 pieces11.89
Chicken McCroquettes Trio, 10 pieces14.19
Trio Fish fillet11.49
Double Fish Fillet Trio14.19
Junior Treat Trio with chicken9.09
BLT trio with grilled chicken14.19
BLT trio with crispy chicken14.19

All Day Lunch

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
McMuffin BLT with egg5.19
McMuffin BLT Trio with Egg7.79
Egg McMuffin4.59
Egg McMuffin Trio7.29
Sausage McMuffin with egg4.89
Bacon McMuffin Trio with Egg7.49
Bacon McMuffin with Egg4.89
Sausage McMuffin Trio with Egg7.49
Sausage McMuffin2.89
Pancakes and sausage5.39
Trio Pancakes and sausage8.09
Pancakes and bacon5.79

Mcdonald’s Menu Montreal – Happy Feast

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Happy Hamburger Meal – P Fries5.09
Happy Hamburger Feast – Mini Fries5.09
Happy Hamburger Meal – Apples5.09
Happy Meal Hamburger Cheese – P Fries5.79
Happy feast cheeseburger – mini fries5.79
Happy feast hamburger cheese – apples5.79
Happy Meal 4 McCroquettes – apples5.89
Happy Meal 4 McCroquettes – mini fries5.89
Happy Meal 4 McCroquettes – P fries5.89
Happy Meal Pancakes – P Fries4.88
Happy feast pancakes – mini fries4.88
Happy feast pancakes – apples4.88

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Medium brewed coffee2.19
Medium decaffeinated brewed coffee2.19
Medium orange pekoe tea1.99
Medium Earl Gray tea1.99
Medium green tea1.99
Medium peppermint tea1.99
Coffee box (for 12 people)18.39
Medium latte (2% milk)3.79
Medium French vanilla latte (2% milk)4.19
Medium caramel latte (2% milk)4.29
Medium sugar-free vanilla latte (2% milk)4.29
Medium cappuccino (2% milk)3.79

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Medium Coca-Cola2.89
Medium Diet Coke2.89
Medium Coca-Cola Zero2.89
Medium Fruitopia strawberries2.89
Medium Racinette Barq’s2.89
Medium NESTEA Iced Tea2.89
Medium Sprite2.89
Medium Fruitopia orange2.89
Medium Mango Pineapple Smoothie3.99
Medium strawberry banana smoothie3.99
Medium Peach-Passion Fruit Smoothie3.99
Medium Pomegranate-Blueberry Smoothie3.99

Mcdonald’s Pastry Shop Menu

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Baked apple turnover1.59
2 Little donuts of your choice2.09
Muffin and coffee duo3.29
Donut and coffee duo2.79
Comb. 2 donuts + coffee3.89
6 Assorted Little Donuts5.79
6 Little donuts of your choice5.79
2 baked apple turnovers2.09
Little donut with strawberry glaze1.09
Double Glazed Donut1.09
Boston Cream Donut1.19
Caramel and maple donut1.19


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Melting chocolate ice cream sundae3.49
Melting Caramel Ice Cream Sundae3.49
Sugar cookie1.19
Brownie cookie1.09
Chocolate chunk cookie1.19
2 RMHC Cookies1.79
6 RMHC Cookies4.59
12 RMHC Cookies8.69
Baked apple turnover1.59
2 baked apple turnovers2.09
Classic McFlurry Kit kat5.39
Classic McFlurry Smarties4.59

Snacks and Sides

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Fries, medium format4.39
Poutine, classic format6.19
Apple slices1.59


Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Extra sauce for McCroquettes0.59
Big Mac Sauce0.69
Mayonnaise-style sauce packet0.69
Poutine sauce0.89

Individual Articles

Menu ItemPrice In CA ($)
Grand Big Mac Bacon9.19
Great Big Mac8.09
Big Mac6.79
Double Big Mac9.09
Big Mac, without meat4.99
Quarter Pounder with Cheese7.19
Quarter Pounder BLT8.09
Quarter Pounder without Cheese6.69
Double quarter pounder with cheese9.49
Double Quarter Pounder BLT10.39
Double quarter pounder without cheese8.99
Double hamburger with cheese4.09

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