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Red Robin Menu Prices Canada (Updated 2024)

The Red Robin Menu has lots of yummy food. It has tasty burgers with unique toppings, like cheese and bacon. You can also try crispy onion rings and creamy spinach dip. If you don’t eat meat, don’t worry.

Red Robin Restaurant Menu has veggie burgers and fresh salads, too. Red Robin Menu Canada has something for everyone, so go and enjoy a tasty meal with your friends and family. BitesCA provides you with the latest Red Robin Menu Prices Canada.

Steakhouse Summer

Milkshakes & Smoothies

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Red Robin Menu Canada – Appetizers

Finest Burgers

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Menu

Tavern Burgers

Chicken Sandwiches & Wraps

Family Burger Bundles

Fresh Salads


Red Robins Kid’s Menu


Deliciously Dunkable Dipping Sauces


Red Robin Deals

Red Robin Deals means you get fantastic discounts when you eat at Red Robin. Whether you like burgers, appetizers, or desserts, they’ve got tasty stuff for less money. They offer combos and special deals, so you can enjoy good food without spending a lot. It’s a great way to save money while having a delicious meal at Red Robin.

History of Red Robin

In the late 1940s, a spot named Sam’s Tavern buzzed in Seattle. Fast forward to the swinging 1960s, Gerry Kingen stepped in and gave it a new name: Red Robin. Known for its mouthwatering burgers and warm ambience, Red Robin quickly became a hit, expanding across the Pacific Northwest. In the early 2000s, Red Robin underwent significant changes as a company acquired it and went public in 2002. Despite facing challenges, Red Robin adapted by adding healthier options to its menu while focusing on creating fun experiences for families dining out.

The growth didn’t stop there. Red Robin ventured beyond U.S. borders, opening branches in Canada and the Middle East. Today, Red Robin is a familiar sight across North America, with its restaurants serving up delicious burgers and more, catering to the taste buds of all who walk through its doors.

Contact Red Robin

This table provides Red Robin Canada contact information, including their official social media links, making connecting with them easy.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

At Red Robin in Canada, you can enjoy yummy favourites like Towering Onion Rings®, perfect for sharing. Try the special Steakhouse Summer menu with a tasty Savoury Steakhouse Burger and Loaded Baked Potato Fries. There’s plenty of deliciousness waiting for you at Red Robin Menu Canada.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Red Robin mostly closes between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM on weekdays and Sundays and between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Red Robin usually opens around 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM every day.

Yes, Red Robin serves alcohol at many of its restaurants.

Yes, Red Robin accepts reservations, though they vary by location.

Red Robin’s fries are often gluten-free since they’re cooked separately.

Yes, Red Robin has gluten-free buns available for their burgers.

Yes, Red Robin is known for offering bottomless fries and many burger and sandwich options. 

Red Robin usually has a happy hour with cheaper drinks and appetizers, but it varies by location.

Red Robin Locations & Opening Hours

Red Robin Coquitlam canada

Location: 3000 Lougheed Hwy., Coquitlam, BC V3B 1C5

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin Langley

Location: 19705 Fraser Hwy #530, Langley, BC V3A 7E9

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin Vancouver (Dank Mart)

Location: 803 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1W1

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin kelowna

Location: 1920 Cooper Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8K5

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews (Orchard Plaza Shopping Centre)

Location: 1920 Cooper Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8K5

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews (Island Home Centre)

Location:  800 Tolmie Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3W4

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Red Robin Guildford

Location: 10237 152 St, Surrey, BC V3R 4G6

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Red Robin Maple Ridge (ValleyFair Mall)

Location: 22701 Lougheed Hwy., Maple Ridge, BC V2X 8K2

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Red Robin Prince George (Parkwood Place)

Location: 1600 15th Ave #101, Prince George, BC V2L 3X3

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin Vernon

Location: 5601 Anderson Way #400, Vernon, BC V1T 9V1

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Red Robin Reviews

Amanda WhittakerAmanda Whittaker
02:00 08 Apr 24
Great experience, delicious food, nice laid back atmosphere, what's not to love!
katie Hiattkatie Hiatt
18:49 07 Apr 24
India binnsIndia binns
00:31 07 Apr 24
to begin we walked in and there was nobody at the front. we waited 5 minutes just to talk to someone. then when someone finally came and brought us to our table, they ran there and dropped the menus on the table and ran away. then we waiter 10 minutes for our server. we spoke to him and ordered, waited another 10 minutes for our drinks and then he brought us water and root beer (we ordered diet coke and iced tea). the floor was SO DIRTY we were willing to clean it ourselves. safe to say we will not be coming back. we spent our meal stressed out that our server would mess up our meals and bills. good yam fries tho.
23:06 06 Apr 24
Erika TaylorErika Taylor
20:38 06 Apr 24
Yingchun YeYingchun Ye
04:09 28 Mar 24
Normally The burger was very good, but today I found my beef patty burnt a little bit. Otherwise everything is fine.
Jurandi MagalhãesJurandi Magalhães
04:06 28 Mar 24
Sara ChiSara Chi
01:29 28 Mar 24
Really loved the atmosphere and the waiter was really kind and friendly. The view was really nice too!
23:50 27 Mar 24
21:34 27 Mar 24
Kevin was amazing!!!! Such good food great kind friendly service
Britney JBritney J
19:38 20 Mar 24
Went into Robson location around 5:30pm on Thursday - sat at the bar. Restaurant wasn’t very full, however, one of the servers seemed very busy. I sat at the bar for 5-7 minutes without anyone greeting me. The server that was busy was also getting their own drinks from the bar as the bartender was awol. The server greeted me and said that Ryan would be over as he was the bartender. I could tell the server knew I had been sitting there for a while with another duo down the bar also not getting any acknowledgement. Another 5-6 minutes passed and finally the manager, maybe Vishal? Greeted me and took my food order. He was very polite and was covering for the bartender I suspect? Finally Ryan appeared after 20 plus minutes of sitting there. Still did not greet me, he brought my food to me, finally acknowledging me as a customer. I asked if I could get my bill and he replied yes after he poured a beer (maybe Stella is what he said). After another 10 minutes passed and I was done my meal and putting my coat on, he asked if I wanted more salad?!! Hey Ryan how about that bill I asked for 10 plus minutes ago? Then he starts to get the bill and socializes with his colleagues and making jokes about the labelling on a condiment bottle as I stood there with my jacket on 2 feet from him. I’ve been here a lot, I didn’t load the meal into my red robin app as I didn’t want to wait another 10 minutes. I’d normally get a beer but I could tell from the get go that this server was disinterested in being there and or interacting with customers. There used to be some great bartenders here or have been in the past, the English guy is a blast, this guy has soured me for your location.UPDATE: Red Robin asked me to email them the details, fine, I did. Then they send me the mgr contact details of Jennifer asking me to call her. Fine I did, only to be told they have coached the Mgr (who was actually helping) and the employee and hope to see me again, to which I replied, no. Hey that’s great you coached them, maybe you should just email me that and not ask for more of my time. Pathetic attempt to improve the business only further making the situation more frustrating. I was at craft for dinner with about 10 ppl and happily told them. Service use to matter now it’s like you’re doing them a favour while they expect you to give them a 20% plus gratuity. There are so many options that I don’t need to be treated like an inconvenience for average food.
Mateo AlarconMateo Alarcon
00:56 20 Mar 24
I love Red Robin, I always come here for my birthday, but last experience was different, we were helped by a man server and I can’t help feeling he was being derogatory with me, I was the youngest of a group of 5 people and this guy did not care about my order, didn’t give me any cutlery and when I asked for it, he brought me nothing, I needed to ask another server for it, later on I asked for a refill of fries, again he did not pay attention to my order and made me wait 15min while all my friends were done with their food, lastly when I was paying for my meal using cash, this guys throws a derogatory comment, I felt he was thinking I couldn’t afford the tip.It’s the first time I’ve experienced this in any restaurant, I did not know my age is a problem when ordering food
Myr Fabiola BenavidesMyr Fabiola Benavides
20:16 19 Mar 24
Best beef ever, not frozen super fresh. This place knows quality, and the Cheese here it's the best.
Lars ZiethmannLars Ziethmann
14:07 19 Mar 24
The Red Robin it's a amazing place to eat burgers, everything is so juicy, tender and delicious. My favorite is Whiskey River BBQ Beef and my favorite tap beer is Trash Panda IPA.
03:40 14 Mar 24
The food itself is nice but could be better. I ordered the new smashed avocado burger but could not taste the avocado at all... I checked and I bet there is not even half an avocado in there. The place itself would not be bad if it was not that old. There is a seat in the entrance with the inside comming out of it and the table where we were sitting had a huge stain on it.
Wendy SihataWendy Sihata
22:25 09 Mar 24
We enjoy coming here but the restaurant should have parking available for its customers. It was also chilly inside. Our server AJ was very attentive and came by to check on us often and the food was good
Director DaveDirector Dave
04:11 16 Feb 24
Great Place and delicious food. All our fries were perfect, and the BBQ BRISKET Burger was my *the writers* personal choice and it was delicious. Worth trying it with thr Caramel Apple Lemonade.The staff were very friendly, and the space was packed with things to look at.The only reason for the lack of perfect rating was although it was busy we still had to wait quiet a while to place our order and recieve our food. However it was definetly worth it in the end and we wouldn't mind thr wait for food that quality again and again.
Shayan EmamiShayan Emami
00:28 14 Jan 24
This place is very nostalgic for me, actually I learnt the word bottomless in there. Everything here is for fat people or the ones trying too hard to become one. I love all the burgers, the menu and never ending fries and salads oh also the freckled lemonade. Just get a burger and enjoy the rest of your food infinitely. Make sure to get a sit with a robson view and hungry as an elephant.
Pooneh AshPooneh Ash
07:35 01 Dec 23
We visited Red Robin on a busy Friday evening around 6-7 p.m. Although we were seated right away, we had to wait 10-15 minutes for someone to take our orders due to the rush. The servers were quite busy, and a supervisor had to step in. We ordered the mushroom burger, which we found really good, while I also tried the black and blue burger, and the patty in that was a bit dry. The highlight was the unlimited bottomless fries, chips, or salad. Overall, it was an okay experience.
loveleen kaurloveleen kaur
05:09 06 Apr 24
Luke DefauwLuke Defauw
01:00 05 Apr 24
Went to have a meal with my son and daughter. We felt like the staff we dealt with didnt want us there. We discussed on our way home and confirmed we all felt the same.
Samantha TroutonSamantha Trouton
23:13 04 Apr 24
Awesome staff, wonderful food… will be back 100%
Avery CarlsonAvery Carlson
01:49 03 Apr 24
Marlene CutlerMarlene Cutler
19:31 01 Apr 24
Amie MoillietAmie Moilliet
02:03 26 Mar 24
Sophie WoodSophie Wood
18:50 25 Mar 24
It’s was amazing come here lots
sierra fernleysierra fernley
02:03 25 Mar 24
got a mac and cheese as entree for $18 and it was so small…. not to mention a piece or lettuce found in my mac and cheese. fries were also soggy and not fully cooked. and cheese curds on poutine taste like actually rubber. won’t come here again
T&M OlsenT&M Olsen
21:48 24 Mar 24
Great food exceptional service
Byron TiggelaarByron Tiggelaar
02:57 24 Mar 24
Olexi was our server. He was really great.
barry millerbarry miller
08:02 21 Mar 24
We ordered dry ribs & Yukon chips this one though were way over cooked so they tasted terrible. It also tasted like the oil from the chips hadn't been changed in a week.
joshua coppickjoshua coppick
02:04 21 Mar 24
Caleb BCaleb B
21:17 20 Mar 24
Love the food and atmosphere
purple pantherpurple panther
02:01 20 Mar 24
Veronica was an amazing server for us!
rod cummingsrod cummings
20:22 19 Mar 24
Stephanie GoldenthalStephanie Goldenthal
01:57 09 Mar 24
Even though it was a very busy Friday night, we were greeted immediately by our server. Didn’t wait very long for our food and it was delicious. The chicken was juicy and perfectly crispy
Aady WaghAady Wagh
14:53 10 Jan 24
It was so bad experienceFirst expression is floor carpet was so dirty not swept or cleanedSeats where they want us to seat and as literally ripped not small ripped it was arm long ripped.Food was discussed we ordered creepy parmasan Brussels sprouts was all over cooked(like burned )and too salty.Also order different burgers food it’s not worth the price at all.Would not go back there
Daniel SoongDaniel Soong
02:14 29 Dec 23
Always great hot and delicious food. Probably best burgers in my mind out here in the okanagan. Service is prompt, at least every time I've come with my family. Thanks Reds!!!
Tracey BironTracey Biron
05:29 20 Sep 23
UPDATE: NOTHING TO REPORTWe went to enjoy my husbands birthday burger on June 28. The place had 4 occupied tables, perfection. We waited to be seated, we first sat in a booth and discovered it was wet and dirty, we moved to the lower table which turns out was the same. It took approximately 10 min for our server to arrive and ask if we wanted a drink. I ordered a slushy drink and received a watery drink $8. We asked for the table to be cleaned and he was happy to do so and apologized. Not sure why we didn't notice how dirty the whole place was when we walked in. Food all over the floor, the tables and chairs were dirty, the bathrooms were a disgrace. The staff sitting around doing nothing. Our server mentioned that they have a new general manager, Dustin of two months. If this is how he runs a business he needs to be retrained. We let our server know our concerns and asked if the kitchen was clean, he said yes. Do better, now we see why it wasn't busy.
Came for lunch on the weekend. Overall it was quite good. There were some minor mistakes on beverages ( served ice tea for one of ours instead of a coke, i there’s at the table ordered iced tea). Salads were good: food was fresh. Portions seem a little smaller than they used to be overall. Still a good choice for families or adults. Good atmosphere. Easy to get to. Pleasant staff.

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