A&W Breakfast Menu Price Canada

A&W Breakfast Menu Canada | Updated May 2024

The A&W Breakfast Menu in Canada offers a range of tasty options at affordable prices. Whether you prefer classic choices like bacon and eggs, sausage and egg sandwiches, or lighter fare such as yogurt and granola, there’s something for everyone.

The A&W Menu Prices Canada are competitive, providing good value for hearty breakfasts. You can also enjoy A&W’s famous hash browns and fresh coffee to complete your meal. With reasonable prices and delicious options, A&W’s breakfast menu is a great way to start your day.

A&W Breakfast Menu – 2024

In Canada, the A&W Breakfast Menu includes 7 items. BitesCA provides all the nutrition information for these Menu items.

A&W Breakfast Nutrition Information

Breakfast Nutrition Facts
Item Name Calories Total Carbohydrates (g) Sugars (g)
English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar 450 29 3
Breakfast Wrap 420 35 2
Cheese & Egger 400 30 3
English Muffin Cheese & Egger 350 27 2
English Muffin Sausage & Egger 470 30 3
Bacon & Egger 370 29 2
English Muffin Bacon & Egger 320 26 2
Breakfast Item Nutrition Facts
Item Name Protein (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar 17 26 55
Breakfast Wrap 16 25 210
Cheese & Egger 17 22 200
English Muffin Cheese & Egger 14 17 190
English Muffin Sausage & Egger 21 29 260
Bacon & Egger 16 21 195
English Muffin Bacon & Egger 15 15 185

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A&W Canada offers breakfast items such as the Bacon & Egger, Sausage & Egger, and the All-Canadian Special.

A&W Canada typically serves breakfast from opening until 11:00 AM, though hours can vary by location.

Yes, you can customize your breakfast order by adding or removing ingredients to suit your preferences.

Yes, A&W breakfast items are available for delivery and takeout through their website and various food delivery services.

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