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Sushi Shop Menu Price List Canada | Updated 2024

Dive into the delightful offerings of Sushi Shop Menu Canada, where you’ll find an array of 13 menu deals featuring over 80 mouthwatering items. Their menu caters to diverse tastes, from the tempting Shrimp Tempura to the fresh Sashimi and the flavorful Beef Teriyaki Don. 

Stay on BitesCA to update with the latest Sushi Shop menu prices across various locations, including Laval, Montreal, Gatineau, and Granby. Whether you are exploring the Sushi Shop menu in Laval for local favorites or discovering the unique selections in Montreal, Gatineau, or Granby, their regularly updated prices ensure you get the most accurate information.

Sushi Shop Canada has divided into 13 menu deals: | Appetizers | Soup and Salad | Sushi and Sashimi A La CarStuesh | Special Roll | Vegetarian | Chef Special | Sashimi Combo | Rice | Bento Box | Sushi Combo | Maki Combo | Beverages | Party Tray

Popular Items Of Sushi Shop Canada

The Popular Items of the Sushi Shop Menu in Canada:

  • Crispy Spicy Tuna
  • Red Dragon Rol
  • Hand Roll Set
  • Seafood Salad
  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Cucumber Wrap

Sushi Shop Menu – Appetizers

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Deep Fried Spring Rolls (8 Pieces)7.5
Tempura Appetizer (7 Pieces)8.0
Deep Fried Scallop (8 Pieces)7.5
Vegetable Tempura (8 Pieces)7.5
Gyoza (6 Pieces)6.5
Yam Tempura (8 Pieces)6.5
Shrimp Tempura (5 Pieces)9.0

Sushi Shop Soup and Salad Menu

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Kani Salad9.0
Miso Soup2.0
Seafood Salad9.0
Green Salad3.0
Seaweed Salad7.0
Avocado Salad6.5

Sushi and Sashimi A La CarStuesh

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Octopus (1 Piece)2.0
Shrimp (1 Piece)1.8
Salmon (1 Piece)2.0
BBQ Eel (1 Piece)2.5
Tuna (1 Piece)2.5
Crispy Spicy Crab Meat (1 Piece)2.5
Crispy Spicy Tuna (1 Piece)2.8
Salmon Roses (1 Piece)3.5

Sushi Shop Menu – Special Roll

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Green Dragon Roll (8 Pieces)13.5
Dynamite Roll (8 Pieces)8.5
House Special Roll (8 Pieces)15.0
Rainbow Roll (8 Pieces)15.0
Red Dragon Roll (8 Pieces)14.0
Futomaki (8 Pieces)8.5
Unagi Dragon Roll (8 Pieces)15.0
Golden California (8 Pieces)14.0

Sushi Shop Vegetarian Menu

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Mushroom Roll (6 Pieces)6.5
Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)6.5
Cucumber Roll (6 Pieces)6.5
Spicy Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)6.5
Sweet Potato Roll (6 Pieces)6.5
Sweet Potato and Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)7.5
Cucumber and Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)6.5

Chef Special

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Cucumber Wrap (4 Pieces)9.0
Salmon Wrap (4 Pieces)13.0

Sushi Shop Menu – Sashimi Combo

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Sashimi Combo A (10 Pieces)18.0
Sashimi Combo B (15 Pieces)20.5
Sashimi Combo C (30 Pieces)42.5

Sushi Shop Rice Menu

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Beef Teriyaki Don Rice14.0
Chicken Teriyaki Don Rice13.0
Salmon Teriyaki Don Rice15.0
Unagi Don Rice17.0
Tempura Don Rice13.0

Bento Box

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Box A22.0
Box B24.0

Sushi Shop Menu – Sushi Combo

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Sushi Combo A (13 Pieces)19.0
Sushi Combo B (15 Pieces)21.0
Sushi Combo C (17 Pieces)23.0

Sushi Shop Maki Combo Menu

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Spicy Maki Set (24 Pieces)29.0
Salmon Set (11 Pieces)20.0
Maki Set25.0
Tuna Set (11 Pieces)21.5
Vegetable Roll Set (18 Pieces)15.0
Hand Roll Set (3 Pieces)13.0


Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Bottled Drinks3.0
Canned Drinks2.0
Japanese Soft Drinks4.2

Sushi Shop Menu – Party Tray

Menu ItemsPrices In CA ($)
Party Tray A (42 Pieces)49.0
Party Tray B (62 Pieces)71.0

Latest Promotions and Deals Of Sushi Shop Canada

Sushi Shop typically releases new deals and offers around the beginning of each year. In the meantime, here are some of the current promotions and deals that Sushi Shop Canada is offering:

Get a free order of California Rolls with any purchase of $35 or more. This offer is valid for online orders only.

Sushi Shop Menu Free California Rolls
Sushi Shop Menu Family Combo Special

Get 24 pieces of nigiri, 16 pieces of maki, and 8 pieces of California rolls for only $49.99. This offer is valid for both dine-in and takeout orders.

Get a bento box with your choice of protein, rice, and salad for only $12.99. This offer is valid from Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Sushi Shop Menu Delivery

Sushi Shop Delivery in Canada offers a delectable and suitable way to savor the outstanding flavors of Japanese cuisine from the comfort of your home. Sushi Shop is famous for its commitment to quality and authenticity. Sushi Shop Canada delivers a diverse menu featuring an array of expertly crafted sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese specialties. With a focus on using fresh and high-quality ingredients. So, each dish reflects the precision and artistry of traditional Japanese culinary methods.

Whether you are a sushi fan or a newcomer to the world of Japanese cuisine. Sushi Shop’s delivery service provides a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. From dynamic and creative maki rolls to classic nigiri. The menu caters to a wide range of tastes. Making it a favorite choice for those seeking a delightful and convenient dining option in Canada. Welcome the flavors of Japan to your doorstep with Sushi Shop Delivery. Where culinary excellence meets the vacation of enjoying gourmet sushi in the comfort of your own home.

Sushi Shop started in Canada in 2000, thanks to Fred Alloul’s love for sushi. He wanted to bring top-notch, creative sushi to people. Beginning as a single location in Montreal. It quickly became famous for its fresh, tasty sushi and a menu with something for everyone. As time passed, Sushi Shop grew, and now you can find it in many places across Canada. Sushi owns around 150 locations in Canada and is part of the daily lives of thousands of Canadians.

It’s known for its yummy and unique sushi that fits Canadian tastes. Sushi Shop uses excellent ingredients, makes new and exciting flavors, and stays in touch with people’s preferences. It’s become a favorite spot for sushi fans all over Canada, keeping its tradition of tasty and inventive sushi alive. Today, the brand continues to grow, providing a recent and dynamic sushi experience. That reflects its rich history and ongoing commitment to culinary excellence.

Sushi Shop business hours vary depending on location. You can find the hours for your nearest Sushi Shop on their website.

Some Sushi Shop locations accept reservations, while others do not. You can call your nearest Sushi Shop to find out their policy.

Sushi Shop accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Yes, Sushi Shop has a loyalty program called the Sushi Shop Club. Members earn points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for rewards such as free sushi or discounts on future orders.

Our menu features a range of famous sushi rolls, and customer favorites may vary. Some commonly loved options include mushroom roll and dynamite roll.

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Delivery OptionDoordash, Uber Eat

Sushi Shop is not just about delicious sushi. It is about providing a transparent and accessible dining experience. Understand that each location might have its specialties, and their commitment is to offer you a delightful journey through their menu, showcasing the best of what each place has to offer. So, whether in Laval, Montreal, Gatineau, or Granby, Sushi Shop invites you to savor diverse flavors at the correct prices.

Sushi Shop Canada Locations and Opening Hours

Sushi Shop Winnipeg

Location: 555 Sterling Lyon Pkwy Winnipeg, MB, R3P 1J9

Opening Hours: Mondy to Saturday (10:30 AM to 9:00 PM) Sunday (11:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

Sushi Shop The Core

Location: 751 3 St SW
Calgary, AB, T2P 4K8

Opening Hours: Mondy to Sunday (11:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Sushi Shop Windermere

Location: 5206 Windermere Blvd NW Edmonton, AB, T6W 0L9

Opening Hours: Mondy to Sunday (11:00 AM to 8:00 PM)

Sushi Shop Deerfoot Meadows

Location: 33 Heritage Meadows Way SE Calgary, AB, T2H 3B8

Opening Hours: Mondy to Sunday (11:00 AM to 8:00 PM)

Sushi Shop Southgate Centre

Location: 5015 111 St NW Edmonton, AB, T6H 4M6

Opening Hours: Mondy to Sunday (11:00 AM to 7:00 PM)

If you want to know more about Sushi Shop Canada Outlets then visit

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