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Osmow’s Saj Wrap Menu Nutrition (Updated May 2024)

Osmow’s Saj Wrap Menu offers a delicious variety of wraps made with thin, soft flatbread called Saj. These wraps are filled with your choice of ingredients, including chicken, beef, lamb, or falafel, along with fresh vegetables and flavorful sauces. You can customize your wrap to suit your taste preferences, making it as simple or as loaded as you like. 

Osmow’s Menu also caters to different dietary needs by offering vegetarian and vegan options. While wraps typically come individually, you can add sides like fries, salads, or rice. Prices for Saj wraps usually range from $8 to $12.

Osmow’s Menu Prices – 2024

In Canada, the Osmow’s Saj Wrap Menu features 5 items. BitesCA offers all the nutrition information for these menu items.

Osmows Saj Wrap Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information
Item Name Calories Total Carbohydrates (g) Sugars (g)
Saj Chicken Shawarma Wrap 700 60 4
Saj Falafel 650 55 6
Saj Lamb Shawarma Wrap 750 65 4
Saj Beyond Meat Shawarma Wrap 720 62 5
Saj Beef Shawarma Wrap 730 63 4
Nutritional Information
Item Name Protein (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Saj Chicken Shawarma Wrap 35 25 70
Saj Falafel 15 30 0
Saj Lamb Shawarma Wrap 30 28 75
Saj Beyond Meat Shawarma Wrap 20 24 0
Saj Beef Shawarma Wrap 32 27 80

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Saj wrap is a type of wrap made with thin, soft flatbread called Saj, filled with various ingredients like meat, vegetables, and sauces.

Osmow’s offers a variety of Saj wraps, including chicken, beef, lamb, falafel, and mixed options.

The price of Saj wraps can vary, but they generally range from $8 to $12, depending on the ingredients.

Yes, you can order Saj wraps for delivery or takeout through Osmow’s website or various food delivery apps.

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