Harvey’s Breakfast Beverage Menu Price Canada

Harvey’s Breakfast Beverage Menu Prices Nutrition (June 2024)

Harvey’s Breakfast Beverage Menu in Canada offers a refreshing and satisfying range of drinks to kickstart your morning. Featuring freshly brewed coffee, aromatic tea, and a variety of juices, there’s a beverage to suit every preference. Whether you need a hot cup of coffee to wake up or a cold juice to refresh, Harvey’s has you covered.

Customizable options, like adding milk or cream to your coffee or choosing from different tea flavors, ensure you can enjoy your drink just the way you like it. Perfect for pairing with their breakfast items, Harvey’s Canada beverages provide the perfect complement to your morning meal.

Harvey’s Menu Prices Canada – 2024

In Canada, the Harvey’s Breakfast Beverage Menu Price features 7 items. BitesCA offers all the nutrition Canada info for these menu items.

Harvey’s Breakfast Beverage Nutrition Info Table

Nutritional Information
Item Name Calories Total Carbohydrates (g) Sugars (g)
Orange Juice 140 33 28
Apple Juice 150 36 32
Tea Regular (14oz) 0 0 0
Milk Carton – Chocolate 160 26 24
Hot Chocolate Regular (14oz) 210 38 34
Milk Carton – White 120 12 12
Coffee Regular (14oz) 2 0 0
Nutritional Information
Item Name Protein (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Orange Juice 2 0 0
Apple Juice 0 0 0
Tea Regular (14oz) 0 0 0
Milk Carton – Chocolate 8 5 20
Hot Chocolate Regular (14oz) 6 6 5
Milk Carton – White 8 5 20
Coffee Regular (14oz) 0 0 0

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The menu includes freshly brewed coffee, tea, and a variety of juices.

Yes, you can customize your coffee or tea with options for milk, cream, sugar, and other add-ins.

Prices can vary by location, but breakfast beverages are typically affordably priced. Check with your nearest Harvey’s for exact pricing.

Yes, you can order breakfast beverages for delivery through Harvey’s website or various food delivery apps.

Harvey’s may offer promotions or combo deals that include breakfast beverages. Check their website or ask at your local Harvey’s for current offers.

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